May 1, 2012

Russian Report on IMU death in March

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Text of report by Russian internet news agency Regnum, specializing in regional reporting

Afghan security forces and members of the coalition forces have carried out an operation in Fariab Province’s Shirin Tagab District (in northwestern Afghanistan) to arrest the leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) in Afghanistan, Makhdum Nusrat, a Regnum news agency correspondent has quoted a press release of the unified command of the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force).

“During the operation, insurgents fired on the combined security force. The force returned fire, killing Makhdum and several other IMU insurgents. Two more insurgents were seized along with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, multiple rockets, several AK-47s and grenades,” the ISAF report said.

It also emphasized that Makhdum was the highest-ranking representative of the IMU in Afghanistan. He has organized attacks on coalition troops in the northern provinces of Afghanistan in the past eight months and was involved in plotting the assassination of an Afghan MP in Kabul.

(Description of Source: Moscow Regnum in Russian — Independent national news agency carrying reports from affiliated regional news agencies and its own network of regional correspondents)

September 20, 2011

Russia Military Exercise Postulates Afghan threat

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Russia: Exercise Tsentr-2011 Targets Islamic Terrorist Influx From Afghanistan
Article by Denis Telmanov under rubric “Politics”: “Tsentr-2011 Targeted Tanks at Islamists: Izvestiya Learned Whom Russia Will ‘Fight’ in the Largest Exercise in Central Asia”
Izvestiya Online
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 T19:57:33Z
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According to the plan of the maneuvers, the simulated enemy of the Russian Armed Forces in Exercise Tsentr-2011 will be bandit forces and other illegal armed force elements (formirovaniye), not regular army units of a fictitious country as was the case earlier in Vostok-2010 and Zapad-2009. Thus, in the maneuvers Russia along with ODKB (Collective Security Treaty Organization –CSTO) partners will rehearse a war against Islamic terrorists, whose influx from Afghanistan following the withdrawal of NATO forces from that country remains the principal threat of the next several years.

They will destroy the “terrorists” with everything there is in the Russian Armed Forces inventory: tanks, helicopters, combat aircraft, and even missiles. Tank and motorized rifle brigades and battalions will be the main striking force. They will pound the “enemy” with the active support of airborne troopers and the Spetsnaz.

“In contrast to exercises against regular units, Tsentr proposes to rehearse more selective actions by the military, including in a city among civilian residents and under conditions of mass disorders,” an Armed Forces spokesman noted.

Such selectiveness will be achieved using the actions of small groups and employing precision-guided munitions and the newest means of command and control, navigation, and communications, including the unified tactical command and control system.

The military acknowledged, however, that the Russian Army does not have sufficient unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), light armored vehicles, and digital command and control systems for maximum effectiveness in local conflicts.

“There are many armored vehicles in the Army, but practically none of the special vehicles with enhanced mine protection needed for transporting personnel and cargoes over mined roads. Individual models are being tested for now,” the Defense Ministry spokesman noted.

It is a similar situation with UAVs: those in the inventory do not allow commanders to view the battlefield with necessary resolution as they should. And there are none of the attack UAVs at all which NATO uses actively in Afghanistan to kill the Taliban.

The military hope that all these shortcomings will be remedied based on results of Tsentr. At any rate, the country’s leadership will take necessary steps for this.

In addition to Russian troops, subunits of the armed forces of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan will be in action in the exercise. These Central Asian states, which cooperate with Russia in the CSTO, directly encounter the threat from radical Islamic organizations and their armed force elements.

“Now we will learn to operate against bandits, looters, and pogromists joined in small groups,” a high-ranking Defense Ministry source explained to Izvestiya.

Recent events in Kyrgyzstan, where there were armed clashes between the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks accompanied by pogroms and pillaging in the summer of last year, add urgency to the exercise. Hundreds of persons died and thousands were wounded.

“The mission of the upcoming exercise is to rehearse actions to stabilize the situation and ensure the state’s integrity on southern borders,” the Izvestiya source added.

Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Deputy Director Konstantin Makiyenko believes the skills received in the upcoming exercise will come in handy for the Russian military in fighting the Taliban.

“That scenario is more than urgent. The upcoming withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan will complicate the situation by freeing up considerable Taliban forces, who with very high likelihood will attempt to extend their influence to the North, provoking interethnic and interreligious clashes in the former Soviet republics of Central Asia — Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Under these conditions Russia will be unable to remain uncommitted: a fire in Central Asia will affect us as well, so we have to prepare for the confrontation already now,” the expert believes.

We will recall that Exercise Tsentr-2011 will take place on seven military ranges of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan at the end of September and beginning of October. Armed forces of CSTO member countries, including subunits of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (KSOR), will take part.

(Description of Source: Moscow Izvestiya Online in Russian — Website of large-circulation daily that is majority-owned by Yuriy Kovalchuk’s National Media Group and usually supports the Kremlin; URL: