May 1, 2012

French Mirage 2000 upgrades Kandahar

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“Mirage 2000D: Damocles in Afghanistan”
Air & Cosmos
Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In their next assignment to Kandahar, in three weeks, the Mirage 2000Ds will be equipped with the Damocles pod, already used in Afghanistan by the SEM (2009) and Rafales. This deployment has long been planned (like that of the Reco-NG pod under the Rafale) but it slipped, perhaps because of the operations in Libya. The Air Force’s Mirage 2000Ds have also started a program to bring their equipment up to standard (L16, Rover, GBU-40), with Harmattan having somewhat cruelly provided a reminder of the excessive disparity between the configurations.

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