DAVID C. ISBY is a veteran observer of Afghanistan and Afghan wars. He is the author of three previous books on Afghanistan: WAR IN A DISTANT COUNTRY: AFGHANISTAN, INVASION AND RESISTANCE, WAR IN AFGHANISTAN: THE SOVIET EMPIRE AT HIGH TIDE; and RUSSIA'S WAR IN AFGHANISTAN. He is also the author of, among other works, of books on the forces that fought in Afghanistan, WEAPONS AND TACTICS OF THE SOVIET ARMY and ARMIES OF NATOS CENTRAL FRONT (with Charles Kamps). He has written over 350 articles on national security in International Defense Review, USA Today, The National Interest Online, Military Intelligence, Janes Defense Weekly, Defense News, CTC Terrorism Sentinel, Jamestown Terrorism Monitor, and many other publications. He was an editor for Strategy & Tactics magazine and has designed several award-winning conflict simulations.

A former congressional staff member and a Washington-based attorney and consultant on national security issues, he has testified before both House and Senate committees as an independent expert on Afghanistan and frequently appears in print and electronic media, including PBS NewsHour, CNN, VoA, C-Span, the McLaughlin Group, Fox and Friends and others. He has lectured at staff colleges and other institutions on Afghanistan.

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