Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires
By David Isby
Published by: Pegasus Books, New York

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“If you want to grasp what the Afghans, the United States, and their Western allies are up against, and will be fighting for the foreseeable future, read this book. Isby’s depiction of that violently networked netherworld is the most cogent description yet of the threat facing Afghanistan. This book is the best one on the subject – and it will be for some time to come.” Sean M. Maloney, author of Fighting for Afghanistan: A Rogue Historian at War

"Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires is a comprehensive, exceptionally researched survey of the events, actors, and issues that have shaped the current situation in this crucial region. It is highly recommended for anyone wishing to better understand the developments in post-9/11 Afghanistan and Pakistan in the appropriate historical context". – Journal of Military History

"David Isby's Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires: A New History of the Borderland is a sweeping, insightful and authoritative account by one of the leading experts on that country, who began trekking through its rugged countryside in the early 1980s". – The Washington Times

"This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to develop a detailed understanding of the war in Afghanistan and gain a nuanced appreciation of the difficulty the U.S. faces in bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion." – Phi Beta Kappa Key Reporter magazine

"David Isby is . . . a scholar with a broad understanding of both military history and the current situation." - The Washington Times

"An accomplished author." - Ralph Peters

"David C. Isby, an American defense expert, attorney and pilot" - British Army Review

"David Isby gives his readers [in Leave no Man Behind] one of the most thoroughly researched and well-written accounts to date of the high risk subset of Special Operations" - Journal of Military History

"Isby has written a volume that superbly analyzes the past with a clear look to the future." - Infantry [on Leave No Man Behind].

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